Rev. Dr. Naomi Paget BCC, FBI Chaplain and Crisis Interventionist, is a certified member of the American Red Cross Spiritual Response Team and Task Force, Denver Seminary Critical Incident Stress Management Team, and Director of the California Disaster Relief Chaplain program.  She is a certified crisis chaplain, instructor and curriculum writer, awarded Fellowship in American Association of Experts in Traumatic Stress and Fellowship in the National Academy of Crisis Management, and serves as Chair of the National-Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters Emotional and Spiritual Care Committee and is the appointed representative for Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. Dr. Paget is a published author and ICISF Approved Instructor for many crisis and trauma courses, consulting for several national and international organizations in various fields of trauma and disaster care. She earned her doctorate from Golden Gate Theological Seminary where she is an adjunct professor, advisor to doctoral students, and was recently awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award. Naomi lives in Bellville, TX.


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  1. Dr. Paget. Is there any new information about the summer 2014 suicide prevention class in Walnut, CA? I would love to attend.

  2. Hi, Naomi. I was excited when your name and photo popped up when I wsas cruising on my computer. It is so good to know how significant and wide your ministry has become. I am proud to say “I knew her when”! June and I have settled into old age. We turned 85 earlier this month. We both are very much involved, especially in the First Baptist Church of Frederick, MD. June is the church pianist alongside the church organist. June has become quite a celebrity for her creative classics/hymn improvizations. I wish I had asked her to do that on occasion at Rice. Typically she begins with a dramatic classical piece and then weaves four or five hymns into it. She is having increasing memory and confusion issues, but it doesn’t seem to affect her music. We both send our love to you and John. If you and/or John happen to be in the Washington area, we would love to see you.
    God bless! Dick

    • Wonderful to hear from you Dick and June! Life seems to keep you both busy and engaged in ministry. We, too, continue doing all the things we have always been doing and managed to add a few things to our plate, too. Life is blessed! Hope we have an opportunity for a visit in Washington sometime. Blessings, Naomi

  3. Hi Naomi!

    I haven’t kept up with the CISM training for a while due to being very active as a First Responder Chaplain in NM. I have not forgotten you Naomi! From December 4th to 20th, I will be in Quantico doing a three week duty for the FBI Academy. Would like to keep in contact with you. Take care and stay safe. Chappy Jose+

    • Terrific to hear from you, Jose! You will enjoy your time at FBI Academy. My days there were characterized with awe, inspiration, and learning – for me, as well as the people there. Many blessings as you continue your important work as a First Responder Chaplain in New Mexico. Let me know if I can support your efforts in any way. Naomi

  4. Good to hear from you, Naomi! Yup! Just busy with keeping up with my Instructor certifications relating to CISM, etc. I am working on creating a lesson plan that is culturally competent for the NM area relating to CISM and PSTD for the clergy regardless of denomination/religion. I also realize that the ICISF has a specialized training program for the clergy on how to deal with CISM, traumatic death and grief during critical incidents, etc.; however, I am trying to reach rural areas in NM in which the ICISF training is not reachable for our first responders and clergy communities. Any ideas?
    Blessngs, Chaplain Jose+

  5. Your recent visit and the one Week seminar you facilitated in Kenya in Mumias Deliverance church,brought much light to us on issues of stress.we are forever greatfull as we practice what you taught us we see great changes.

  6. Dear Naomi, your Chaplaincy presentation yesterday and today (4/5&6) was very informative. I’d like to attend your training on 5/18/19 and also the 3-4 days in September through K-Love. Please let me know how I may register. Thank you very much!

  7. Hi Naomi, Daniel Mueller here. I am have been thinking a lot about you and keeping you in my prayers from time to time, and would like an opportunity to have a call with you. I sent you a note through LinkedIn but don’t think it went through, and don’t think I have a current email for you. I hope you are well and hope we can chat at your convenience. Daniel

  8. Hi Naomi,
    I’m wondering if your new Chaplain Foundation class in February will be recorded? I have a good friend who lives in Germany and is becoming a Chaplain for Firefighters For Christ International. He wants to take your class, but due to the time zones, he won’t be able to attend the class in February.
    God bless

  9. Hi Naomi, I am currently completing a Master’s at Bible College in Australia and have recently found your book “The work of the Chaplain”. I have cited it in my final research paper. As a full-time public-school chaplain, I am really keen to look further into the theology surrounding ‘ministry of presence’. Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom with other Chaplains. I will be encouraging other Chaplains to get hold of it themselves. In Christ, Lucas.

  10. Lucas, Thank you for referencing “The Work of the Chaplain.” I would be interested in reading your final research paper, if appropriate. The “ministry of presence” has been challenging in the traditional sense during this “Age of Pandemic.” You’ll find a little more about that in the COVID-19 Resources, too. I’m sure the public schools are benefitting from chaplains like you in ministry!
    Blessings, Naomi

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