Chaplain Resources

 Ministry During Pandemic.April 2020

 Comparing Burnout Empathy Fatigue Compassion Fatigue

National VOAD Disaster Emotional Care Guidelines DRAFT

FINAL. Managing School Crisis.NKP 2019.Bonus Slides

Tips for Caregivers of Children with Traumatic Grief

Helping Children Cope With Disasters. FEMA


NDIN TSP – CompetentMassCare-Muslimsv1114

NDIN TSP – Competent MassCare Sikhsv1014

NDIN TSP – Competent MassCare Jewsv1014

NDIN TSP – Competent MassCare Hindusv1014

NDIN TSP – Competent MassCare Buddhistsv1014

What to Do if Someone You’re With Is Talking About Suicide

OSFA Manual Master.FINAL

Stress Pamphlet.CrisisPlumbline

DR_Chaplain Training Manual_


Light Our Way-Spanish



POC:Disaster Emotional Care

National VOAD DSC Guidelines 

National VOAD DSC Guidelines Quick Reference Guide

Phases of Disasters Diagram

Red Cross DSC Participants FundamentalsGuide

Red Cross DSC Standards and Procedures

NAMB Endorsement Manual


Stress Mgmt. Bonus Slides.2018

Stress Mgmt. Bonus Slides.2018

Guide for Developing High-Quality Emergency Operations Plans for Institutions of Higher Education

Guide for Developing HIgh-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans K-12

Developing Emergency Operational Plans for Houses of Worship

Engaging Faith-based and Community Organizations

Psychological First Aid for Schools

Tips for a Meaningful Deployment

DR-10 Non-SBC Team Member Agreement 01-2020

ISIBDR 2020 – California

SBC Chaplain Recertification Requirements 06-2020

6 thoughts on “Chaplain Resources

  1. Naomi
    Thank you for once again for providing us the opportunity to glean from your vast knowledge.
    In the OSFA manual you suggest PFA APP. Unfortunately you did not recomend what app would be best suited for our DR needs.

    • Great to have you in class, Brenda! Both the University of Minnesota and the US Department of Veterans Affairs apps are very helpful. For the OSFA app, use the Community Stress First Aid app.

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