Training Events


CISM: Individual Crisis Intervention*      
1/21-22/2019 Kansas City, KS                                    By invitation only
CISM: Group Crisis Intervention*
 12/3-4/2018 Anchorage, AK
 11/12-16/2018 Barrigada, Guam
 2/20-21/2019 Anchorage, AK  Registration not available yet
CISM: Individual  & Group Crisis Intervention in 3 Days (GRIN) *      
12/20-22/2018 League City, TX
02/28- 03/2/2019 Dickinson
06/5-7/2018 Anchorage, AK
09/24-26/2018 Houston, TX   or
CISM: Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention
1/15-16/2019 Phoenix, AZ
5/14-15/2019 Concord, CA
9/24-25/2019 Wilmington, NC                 Registration not available yet
08/4-5/2018 Salem, OR   or
8/22-23/2018 Tulsa, OK
CISM: Emotional Spiritual Care in Disasters*
CISM: Stress Management for Trauma Provider
11/8-9/2018 San Antonio, TX
3/4-5/2019 San Diego, CA
03/26-27/2019 Springfield, MO
CISM: Grief Following Trauma
1/17-18/2019 Phoenix, AZ
 6/13-14/2019 Littleton, CO
 9/26-27/2019 Wilmington, NC Registration not available yet
 6/13-14/2019 Littleton, CO
CISM: Advanced Individual Crisis Intervention
CISM: Advanced Group Crisis Intervention
5/16-17/2019 Concord, CA
CISM: Strategic Response to Crisis
2019 S
6/7-8/2019 Oklahoma City, OK
10/18-19/2019 Northborough, MA
CISM: Managing School Crisis
6/5-6/2019 Oklahoma City, OK
CISM: Spiritual Psychological First Aid (TSA*and ICISF)
06/01-02/2018 Oklahoma City, OK
9/28-29/2018 Columbia, MD   or
10/5-6/2018 Riverside, CA   or
CISM: Changing Face of Crisis Intervention
CISM: Workplace Violence
CISM: Law Enforcement Perspectives for the Trauma Provider
Disaster Relief Chaplaincy*
1/25-26/2019 Lake Forest, CA
3/15-16/2019 Oklahoma City, OK
4/5-6/2019 Northern CA Registration not available yet
08/2-3/2019 Oklahoma City, OK
8/3-4/2018 Oklahoma City, OK
11/13-16/2018 Barrigada, Guam
Operational Stress First Aid (OSFA)*
11/6/2018 San Antonio, TX
12/5/2018 Anchorage, AK
2/22/2019 Anchorage, AK
3/7/2019 San Diego, CA
3/14/2019 Oklahoma City, OK
3/28/2019 Springfield, MO
6/15/2019 Littleton, CO
8/1/2019 Oklahoma City, OK
Managing Relationships in Crisis
3/6/2019 San Diego, CA Closed
3/29/2019 Springfield, MO
8/29/2019 Virginia Beach, VA
San Antonio, TX
Psychological First Aid (SAMHSA)
Spiritual Resilience
Advanced Rapid Response DR Chaplain Response
08/9/2018 Kentucky By invitation only
CA Blue Cap: Chaplain Leadership
11/28-29/2018 Fresno, CA By invitation only
Red Cross Disaster Spiritual Care Fundamentals
1/14/2019 Phoenix, AZ
07/10/2018 Lexington, KY
07/11/2018 Anaheim, CA  or
1/14/2019 Phoenix, AZ

Oil Patch Chaplaincy*

Disaster Relief Chaplaincy Refresher Exercise
Disaster Relief Chaplain-Train the Trainer Invitation Only
Operational Stress First Aid-Train the Trainer Invitation Only
Cultural Diversity
01/29/2018 Fairfax, VA
Conflict Management and Confrontation
01/30/2018 Fairfax, VA
Conference Presentations
1/18/2019 Racers for Christ
05/6-9/2019 National VOAD, Baltimore, MD
06/4-15/2017 Nairobi, Kenya Pastor’s Conference
06/12/2018 NORAD/NORTHCOM RAC Colorado Springs, CO
07/10/2018 International Conference of Police Chaplains, Lexington, KY
07/11/2018 Assoc. of Prof. Chaplains, Anaheim, CA
10/25/2018 Houston Methodist Hospital West, Houston, TX
11/29-30/2018 California DR Roundtable, Fresno, CA
1/18-2019 Racers for Christ, Tempe, AZ

*Meets requirement for  NAMB DR Chaplain

To see a list of all training events in ‘Word’ format, click
2019. Teaching Schedule

28 thoughts on “Training Events

  1. I heard there is a training session in December in Arizona. When will that info be posted? Want to register but don’t want to miss the discount price deadline. Any info will be appreciated.

    • We now have many chaplains who serve Roughnecks in the oil fields, who serve executives in oil companies, and serve business folks in the para-oil industry. Oklahoma has a formalized group called Oil Patch Chaplaincy – chaplains are highly trained in crisis intervention because there are many severe accidents and fatalities in the oil field.

  2. Hello Naomi,

    It is your classmate Chip just saying hello and wishing you well. I am interested in the Advanced Group and Strategic Response that is listed on the website. I know you are very busy but am praying that God in his infinite mercy allows you the strength and fortitude to persevere with your teaching schedule. Gods richest blessings to you and yours. Hope to see you soon.


    • Great to hear from you ol’ classmate! I’m sorry to say the Advanced Group Crisis Intervention course is not presently scheduled. However, if you know a group who would like to sponsor that class, I would be pleased to discuss it with them. Meanwhile, there are several California courses still on the calendar for this year. Hope to see you at one of them!

  3. Kern County Fire Dept. found your workshop in Fresno VERY informative. We are ready to register for the Feb 3-4 2014 Strategic Response workshop in Atascadero. When may we sign up? Thanks, Deborah Johnson

    • WE have 16 participants registered from your group at Kern County Fire Department. There is still available if you have anyone else interested in participating in The Strategic Response course.

  4. Hi Naomi,
    Hope your Thanksgiving was good and your Christmas is even better! I see your Strategic class in Feb. is tentative. If it happens, I would like to take it. Thank you, Naomi.
    Brad Dorton

  5. Diaster Chaplin class. Scott. AZ Mar.14 and 15th Would you sign me up please.
    Pam Palmer 815 N. Blue Spruce Cir. Payson, AZ. 85541
    928-472-7734 I go to the church on Randall place, pine AZ. Pastor John Lake

  6. Hi Naomi,

    I would like to register for the Advanced Group Crisis Intervention course on 5/1-2/2014 in Texas. How do I go abou that. Also, are you teaching this course anytime earlier than May anywhere in the US? Thank you for your time.

    • Thank you for your interest in this CISM course. The hosting agency has not confirmed details regarding this course yet. As soon as the details are confirmed I will send those to you (they’ll also be posted here at Sorry to say I am not presently scheduled to teach this anywhere else before May. Thanks, again!

  7. Dear Naomi,
    When is the CISM Chaplain Training in Phoenix? Ron Conn & I would like to attend to finish our Chaplain Program.
    Jim McAvoy

    • Hello, Jim,
      Thank you for your interest in Chaplain training in Phoenix. I’m teaching several CISM classes in the Phoenix area. CISM: Workplace Violence on Sept. 30; CISM: Group Crisis Intervention on Oct. 1-2; CISM: Individual and Peer Support on Oct. 3-4. You can find flyers and registration forms on this site very soon. Hope you will be in one of those classes!

    • Hello, Chaplain Hitchcock,
      Thank you for this expression of interest in the Grief Following Trauma course. I’m teaching it several times this year, but not in Arizona. I think it could be a real possibility to offer it in Tucson next year. Let’s dialogue about this. I’ll contact you by email from this point forward. Naomi

      • Good news, Chaplain Hitchcock. The Grief Following Trauma course is scheduled in Payson (just north of Phoenix) on July 24-25, 2015. Registration form is available on the website. Naomi

  8. I cannot thank you enough for your service to our WORLD! These past 3 days were so inspiring!
    My son is mailing his registration form for the upcoming October 27-29, 2016, Riverside CISM Individual/Group course. The two of us would love to attend the upcoming San Luis Obispo Suicide Prevention & Intervention conference however we could not find the registration form.
    Please advise and safe travels ~ Donna Dichirico

    • Donna, Thank you for your kind words. It was great to be with you, too. The website is being updated, but meanwhile, I’ll send you the registration forms directly. Thanks for asking about these courses.

  9. You mentioned a training opportunity in Friendswood, Texas this coming February. Where can I find some details and what website do I need to go too or who do I need to contact?

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