CSBDR Region Contacts

California Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Region Contacts:

Chaplain Regional Coordinators:

Region 1
Greg Catt:gcatt1@aol.com, (707)583-5555
Meta Velez: Chaplainmeta@aol.com, (707)338-3092

Region 2
Jim Wesley: jim@cpccredding.org, (530) 913-0297

Region 3
Mary Nell McCoy: marynell.mccoy@comcast.net,
(707)766-9929 or (707)280-2912
Auden Delacruz: adlc88@gmail.com, (415)250-5868

Region 4
Evelyn Wiedner: emouse221@volcano.net
(209)-295-1266 or (209)256-6358

Region 5
Please contact Naomi Paget: npaget@earthlink.net

Region 6:
Mike Lynch: chaplainlynch@yahoo.com
(661)758-4979 or (661)201-0614
Sue Shaw: rgsfss@sbcglobal.net  (559)232-3464

Region 7
Michele Haddad Coley: miha1103@yahoo.com
(949) 232-4124

Region 8
Dave Cochrane: davec59710@gmail.com, (951)323-5018

Region 9
Jerry Shirley: jnshirle@ix.netcom.com, (858)722-4235

California DR Chaplain Director
Naomi Paget: npaget@earthlink.net, (925)918-0100

2 thoughts on “CSBDR Region Contacts

    • Ramona,
      Please go to the home page of this site and click on Training Events. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see “To see a list of all training events in Word format, click Here”
      Thank you for your interest in training.

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