Crisis Plumbline

Crisis Plumbline provides resources to assist people in crisis. Through training, consulting, and clinical practice, Crisis Plumbline seeks to provide compassionate care – effective, immediate, active, short-term support – in crisis situations.

Using the plumb line of eternal Truth and current clinical knowledge, we apply proven principles to provide caring interventions for people and institutions who are in crisis. We mitigate the human and institutional distress of needing emotional and spiritual support by equipping volunteer and professional personnel to do crisis intervention and disaster relief support through training and consulting.


34 thoughts on “Crisis Plumbline

  1. Is it o.k. to take the Advanced Individual and Peer Support class BEFORE taking the Individual and Peer Support class? I did not see a “prerequisite stated for either.

  2. Tedi, The Advanced Individual and Peer Support course is an advanced course and you must complete the Individual and Peer Support class first. I also recommend that you have some field experience using the Individual and Peer Support principles before taking the Advanced course. You will find several opportunities to take the Individual and Peer Support course in California during the next six months. Thank you for your interest in taking these CISM courses!

  3. Dear Dr. Paget,
    Thank you for responding to my request about CISM. We will continually check ” Crisis Plumbline” for the course being offered on the Phoenix area and make provisions to attend and get the remaining course accomplished. Thank you for your help in this matter. Look forward to seeing you whenever in Phoenix.
    God bless. Jim McAvoy & Ronn

  4. Dr. Naomi Paget, I’m Dorine Phillips from Temple, Texas. And I was wondering if it would be OK for me to register when you come? My bank card expired on the 31 St of May. My son was in the hospital ,but tried using it but it expired. The bank said 7-10 days. That’s why I’m asking.

    • Dorine,
      I’m sorry to hear about your son’s hospitalization. I hope he is improved and regaining his health.
      You may definitely come to the Temple course – bring a check or cash if you can. I can’t take credit cards on site.
      Please complete the registration form and send it to me by email as soon as possible so we will have a certificate for you.
      See you soon!

  5. I am trying to register for Strategic Response to Crisis that will be held in Frisco, Jan 30-31. Our agency requires for an invoice to be sent for payment. Please let me know how we can get this resolved. sincerely, Gloria

  6. Thank you for the wonderful CISM course in Columbia the 15-16. I was truly touched by this class. I am very interested in continued education through the classes offered. Currently I am looking into “Community clergy” options and training. I have started the Training manual that you emailed to me. Would you recommend any other training and or information to help me?

    • Dear Linda,
      Thank you for your comments. I have a great resource for you – an organization that is doing Community Chaplain program training! I will contact you through your email address with this specific information.

      • Thank you for the information. I look forward to receiving it. We are getting the information together to send to K-Love to have the classes in our city at Cumberland Community Church. It will benefit our community more than words can express. Thanks again! God bless you!!

      • I just received an email about online courses. How do I get more information on the courses available?

      • Linda, Thank you for your interest in these online courses. Keep an eye out here on CrisisPlumbline under the Training Events tab and tomorrow, May 6, you’ll find the courses and registration links by the end of the day. These course will happen on June 16, 17, 18.

  7. Naomi I would like to get 3 of the chaplain lanyards. Can I get them mailed to me? I can send the money if I could get an address to send it to. Thank you for your time.

      • Hi Naomi, I am John Jones writing on behalf of my wife, Jenny. I remember you as a fellow classmate at Golden Gate in the DMin program. My wife has only a B.S. in Education but has been a pastor’s wife serving for over 30 years in that capacity. She has interest in becoming a certified chaplain and work in a hospice or hospital. How can she get qualified as a Chaplain? Is there a program certification you offer she can take? Does she have to have a seminary degree or can her many years of church experience suffice? We just don’t know where and how to begin. Thanks, John Jones, Tucson, AZ P.S. You might recall I was the missionary working in Asia.

  8. Hello, John – so great to hear from you! I’m so excited for Jenny. Becoming a chaplain in healthcare is such a rewarding ministry. The possibilities are many and the requirements are varied. However, most healthcare chaplains need a seminary degree and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). There are a few positions that do not require the degree nor the CPE. One of the unique aspects of chaplaincy is that the institution/agency/organization that calls one to be a chaplain is typically the one that also sets the requirements. There is no universal criteria nor degree nor certification that necessarily “qualifies” a person to be hired as a chaplain – again, the institution/agency/organization determines those criteria. I would be pleased to talk to Jenny after Christmas to clarify some of this. I am teaching an introductory course on chaplaincy in Scottsdale in January through Gateway Seminary – it might be the perfect place to start the journey! Please send me contact information and I will be happy to engage in this conversation. Blessings and Merry Christmas! Naomi

  9. Good afternoon. My name is Laura Franklin and I am interested in stating my chaplaincy cert. I currently have my Pastoral Crisis 1 & 2 cheers for CISM and one chapliancy certificate, but I would like to move along with acquiring my chaplaincy.

    • Wonderful, Laura…we need good chaplains out there! Is there a particular context in which you plan to do chaplaincy? If there is, the “employer” has a lot to say about what kind of eduction, training, and experience you need. Otherwise, it would be good to get basic chaplain training – learn what it means to be a chaplain, what chaplains do, what expectation are for chaplains, etc. You might have learned some of this in your PCI I & II classes. If you already are serving as a chaplain, other courses which may be helpful in the ICISF context include: Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Postvention; Grief Following Trauma; Spiritual & Psychological First Aid; Stress Management for the Trauma Service Provider. Basic Psychological First Aid from is an excellent online resource. For continued conversation, please contact me through my email:

  10. Thank you for the training the last two days in Tracy. I tried to register for the Concord class but I needed an “authorization code” by the KLove application. Perhaps that was the wrong class??? I am Pastor Robert Sorensen from Paradise

  11. Dear Naomi, this is Chaplain Jim McAvoy requesting a refresher course in Chaplain Crisis Care in Phoenix area, need to be recertified, please let me know where and when the course is offered, last time I attended it was in Scottsdale

  12. Chaplain Jim,
    As it turns out, today – Feb 1 – I am in Mesa teaching the Operational Stress First Aid course which is a requirement for some agencies and a “refresher” for others. It’s a one day class and used by many agencies and organizations, including faith based, emergency services, and other crisis responding groups. Hosted at Brown Road Baptist Church, 4801 E, Brown Road, Mesa, AZ. 8:15am – 5pm. You will find the manual and PowerPoint under the Chaplain Resources tab on this website. It’s listed as OSFA Manual Master Final.

  13. I did not find the documents on crisisplumbline you referred to in our OSFA class today.
    Tips for a meaningful deployment
    non SBC volunteers guidelines and
    National VOAD disaster spiritual care points of consensus
    Where do I find these?
    Thank you for the OSFA class today. It was a great refresher.
    Sue Ramey

    • Sue,
      Great to see you and Joe in class today…so many memories we have shared! I’m send ing the documents directly to your personal email so you can find them a little quicker. Blessings, Naomi

    • Ms. Yang,
      Thank you for your inquiry regarding classes I provide. Please search the tab on Training and you will see some of the classes I have currently scheduled. There are many other classes that I have scheduled for 2023 and 2024, however, they are not listed because the venue and registration sites are not finalized. You could also go to crisis and find other classes that I teach. Please note that my classes are primarily for first responders, chaplains, education, crisis response, healthcare peer supporters, and faith-based organizations. I do not engage in any teaching about endovascular implants.
      Blessings, Naomi

      • Can you give me your contact information? Like WeChat or Line or WhatsApp, please send it to my email privately, I hope we can talk!

  14. Dr. Paget,
    Can you contact me at your convenience? I am a Pastor in a rural part of California and am putting together a Mental Health Awareness conference/training program and am engaged with both my local county Mental Health Dept and NAMI (Local) to provide this training.
    I would like to speak with you about this in more depth, if you have time.
    Pastor Ken Sartain
    Copper Canyon Baptist Church

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